Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We're BAAAAaaaaack.

"A little reminder to those intent on signing up for the fall session of the Cicely continuing ed program, the deadline is this Friday. Let's see what's new this quarter: Lou Volpee will be teaching a course on practical rural law. Topics include Road Kill: Whose Moose Is It and the always controversial rightof way, Sno Go Versus Dogsled."
- Chris on the air

That's me at the top of Bird Ridge

Hi folks, Ani here. If she's not going to get to it I guess I'll just take matters into my own paws. We made it back to Quinhagak my home and native land. You are wondering about my mom??? She's all over the place lately, she tries but well, like I said... She's unpacking groceries right now that she hauled back on the plane today after her 'teacher inservice' in Bethel (I got to stay with our new neighbors John and my 2 new friends Riley and Tucker). "Just the necessities. Get it while the getting's good" she tries to convince herself and me as if I get to eat any of it: eggs, cheese, bread stuff we can't get in Quinhagak all the time. She's stocking up for winter I guess. Which probably isn't such a bad idea, seems like its here already with this drizzly, damp, cold weather. No fishing yet okay maybe a little at Bird Creek in Anchorage where I ran around on the mudflats while the tide was out. Watched a little boy lose his shoe in a a sink hole too. Lucky he didn't loose his whole self. Yeah, and she drugged me too can you believe it??? Yup, I figured it out about 1/2 through our flight to Anchorage when I came to and realized I had been crammed into that cage again and was snugly wedged between a box a frozen salmon and an oversized suitcase. Just when I thought all this unnatural air travel was a thing of the past off she shipped me again, touched down in the land of the delta gray in the middle of the pouring rain...Bethel. And it has been raining ever since, all summer up here for that matter they tell keeps saying "maybe we'll have a sunny fall". People just roll their eyes at her. So anyway as I was staggering around the lobby of Hageland Air trying to recover from my latest sedation, little kids crawling all over me, she did it again and I didn't wake up till the next day. The flight back to Quin was lovely. At least that I remember. Thank you Dr. O because of you I wasn't nearly as traumatized as my first time flying. So I've become a latch key dog and have had more doggie sitters in the last 3 months than most canines see in a lifetime. Don't get me wrong this summer has been the wildest adventure of my existence so far. I didn't know where I might end up next! I had so much fun meeting everyone! I'm glad I finally get to have my say! She's unpacking boxes right now that she's been shipping up for herself all summer, if you ask me they're full of stuff she doesn't even need. So last week while we were in Anchorage she made me sleep in a garage while she gallivanted around (sorry for all the fur Chris but I shed). Okay that's not entirely true, we did hike up Flat Top where I was dognapped by the guy in the yellow shirt. Mom and Uncle Josh call him Justin but I knew I couldn't risk it, stranger danger. I escaped from him 3 times and had everyone on the mountain trying to catch me. But don't worry I fended them off until my mom finally made it back down the mountain. She was relieved and so happy I was okay. I could tell because she couldn't stop laughing at my dognapper Justin. The sun was square that night too. Crazy eh? The next day we hiked up to the top of Bird Ridge! And the day after that I pulled my dognapper up to the top of Crow Pass to see the Raven Glacier. I might be small but I'm super strong. I know she's ready to get back to work and is missing her family and friends and whining around about the rain but don't worry I'm keeping her good company. That's the latest from the north country. I need to go to the bathroom so I've gotta go remind her! I'll try to get her to start posting again. But she's not too good with transition times so please be patient:)
From Quinhagak!

That's Me and Mom at the top of Bird Ridge!

Shout Out To: Amy and Bobby on their newest addition Baby Girl Ila Sophia! And to Tim Debilt our very own Quinhagak School LKSD Teacher of the Year! Wow! Congratulations!

"So don't be afraid: I'm with you. I'll round up all your scattered children, pull them in from east and west. I'll send orders north and south: 'Send them back. Return my sons from distant lands, my daughters from faraway places." Isaiah 43:4-5


  1. Hey Kid, Glad you are back to continue on your dream and your mission in life. Hope you had a great summer!! As usual it is HOT here in the great state of MO. Have a great year!!! Blessings Always!!!

  2. wooooo im sooo happy you are blogging again AND i get to live through the memories with you!

  3. Rachel!!! oh how i missed ur blog. i'm jealous you are there and i'm not. be sure to pick some berries too! be lots of fun. Take care,


  4. Hi Everyone! Oh how I've missed you too! Joe you should come up and visit! Anonymous I love that you are living through it with me! Makes me keep on sharing! Gwen why aren't you coming up soon. I hear your babies are staying with Gram and Grampa eh?:) Maybe I'll get to see them! I will get out this weekend and pick berries, need to go fishing too! Yay! It's good to be home;)
    Stay in touch everyone! Rach

  5. it's so expensive to go home. plus it's hard to get time off since we're training new people. yeah, my kids will be there for another week or so. long.... :(


  6. Gwen,

    I totally thought Deanna was you at church this morning!!!! Looked right at her and said "Gwen YOU'RE HOME!????" I keep looking at her in church thinking," I thought she said she wasn't coming out." lol holy she looks just like you right now maybe its the glasses and shorter hair???? Weird! LOL. Maybe I was willing you to be home:)