Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Live On Sewage Lagoon Road...No Joke

Some people look at this box, they see a box. You know what I see? The spice route to India. The gateway to the Nile. I see the dark side of the moon. Terra incognito. I see Alaska, people. So, what do you say? Let's be a little human!

- Chris in the Morning, Northern Exposure
Berry Picking in Platinum There has been a well traveled flight pattern between Quinhagak and Platinum the last few weekends as Platinum has an abundance of berries! People have been scurrying over to load up on gallons and gallons of juicy berries, stocking up for winter which is fast approaching.

Cross Country Goes to Bethel
The Seahawk Cross Country Team is scheduled to fly to Bethel Friday afternoon.
They all came over to my house for our annual spaghetti feed, salad, cookies, pie and juice. I confess I burned the garlic bread but that's kind of a tradition.... yep, pretty sure I burned it last year too. So nobody was surprised or very judgmental, a little disappointed maybe but not shocked. A few of my sympathetic boys even shrugged off the obvious failure of blackened bread, took a piece and crunched it down. "See Coach? Not so bad." they offered, crunch, crunch, crunch. Thanks guys;)

Vacuum Sealing Moose Meat Thanks to Steph and Jim
After my runners exited stage left, I proceeded rummaged through my fridge in search of the washed and reused ziplock full of moose meat my friends Jessica and John gave me off their quarry the other day. I needed to get it cleaned, cut it up and vacuum sealed before we flew off to Bethel. Used my new old 'hand me up' food saver Steph let me keep for such a time as this. Now I have happy frozen non-freezer burning moose meat waiting to be gobbled up later this winter!

My Curious Whereabouts DiscoveryQuinhagak and the Kanektok River from the plane.

Did I mention that Chris google earthed my house? Yeah and turns out I live on Sewage Lagoon Road!!! Seriously someone named this lovely little borough of greater Quinhagak...."Sewage Lagoon Road. Now I realize that the honey bucket hopper 50 yards from the house takes a little getting used to and it is true that the hoppers are eventually hauled away by the doozers and emptied into a lagoon but that lagoon is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down by the cell phone tower! It is nowhere near my house! It's on a totally on the 'other' road. So one can only guess that...well, before Quinhagak was the sprawling metropolis that we see could be assumed that this area...maybe even the exact spot my just recently restored, sinking trailer is perched upon was in hum you know what I'm alluding to...the sewage lagoon. Well, I'm only surmising but anyway I think I'm going to start a petition to change the official name, which there are no official names per say in Quinhagak at least not that any of us know or on second thought maybe I'll just email google earth myself and tell them they've made a mistake then give it my own name!

To the Beach for a Picnic Anybody??
On our 1st sunny day for what seemed like in eons! We packed up the Hunter clan on Pauline's four wheeler and trailer and headed down the beach to the Arolik River where we genuine bonified picnic! Pauline and I had wandered the river earlier that morning as the fog rolled in and out. We found lots of bear tracks and carnage everywhere, lol. Reality...we think it was 2 dead walrus, one dead bear, one dead seal and one dead beaver. My thought? No wonder the bears are scavenging the beach lately. Carcasses and all, we had a blast. We roasted hot dogs and marsh mellows, even flagged down other passersby to join our little beach side festivities. The day was a great success aside from running over their dog whom we had just named 'angel' ironically. The dog did survive but we weren't sure how well.

Hopscotch Quin Style
Pauline and I took a walk to the beach the other night. We seemed to collect children along the way! By the time we arrived to the sand we had a dozen little followers who were most definitely too far away from the village without their parents. I made a few futile attempts to call some parents just to let them know their darlings were with us. I gave up as the local cell company and myself do not get along...ugh, most dropped calls and disconnects nationwide. Did manage to get a hold of one parent and told her that if she hears anyone searching for their child on VHF let them know that they are probably with us at the beach. She said she would so I quit stressing and enjoyed the evening. The kids got down to the business of burying each other, collecting shells, feathers and whatnot and playing hop scotch no chalk needed! It was a gorgeous evening had by all.

Is there a Marathon in my near Future?
It seems that my friend Erin has recruited me to run. I have in turn recruited Josh and Chris to run. Ang is generally up for any races and now we are all registering for the Zombie Marathon in Anchorage on October 23rd. I haven't been training, maybe I'll start tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

Rangefinder...Caribou Beware
A friend of mine from Wisconsin sent me a Rangefinder. This means that number one there is now a caribou with my name on it somewhere on this tundra and number two I can no longer use the excuse "it's too hard to tell distance on this tundra!" Thank you so much, Pete;)

Shout Out To: Jessica and John Alexie for sharing their moose meat with me:) Thanks to Fannie for sharing hers and for lil' Pauline for sharing her king salmon! I am so blessed by you guys and gaining weight!
"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody."
1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

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