Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hostage Situation

"Eek doesn't want to return us to Quinhagak,
but we don't think Quinhagak wants us very bad either."
~Josh mulling over our current situation

What began as a funny story to tell you about stranded in Eek has turned to an all out war with the air companies....if only in my mind. But it's hard to deny the facts...yesterday the conditions were perfect for flying but we (Josh and I) were denied 6 times by all 3 of the companies getting on the planes to make the 30 mile flight back home, some garbage about inter village travel being on stand by only (never mind about RESERVATIONS). I was literally on the phone with the agents in the village and the air companies ALL DAY LONG.... to think I was actually feeling bad about being a pest (rest assured I no longer feel that way). Not to mention the 2 times one of the companies simply refused to stop at all to get us (again we had reservations on that flight). Now I'm not naive to the unspoken rules of bush flying which is that there are no real rules. I know 'reservations' basically mean nada when it boils down to it but come on somewhere in there has got to be a principle hasn't there??? It ended with the last winged chariot landing on the Eek runway around 7:00 last night and taking off before the agent even called to tell us it was here! Then in the same breath he informed us that he didn't have any gas in his four wheeler to pick us up anyway. "WHAT???!!!! For Real! Are you serious???," I was stunned, "But we have reservations! We've had reservations for the last 48 hours!!! I've talked to you 10 times today." I futility screeched. This can't be coincidence, it's a conspiracy-we're hostages to Eek, Alaska. I would love to tell you all about our time here and the last week with the boys being back, but I can't leave my perch for too long, I'm on watch for the next possible flight in. We were supposed to be back in Quin Friday, it is now Sunday. Hopefully my next post will be from the Jewel of the Kuskokwim- Quinhagak.

"By day the LORD went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night."
Exodus 13:21


  1. I feel your pain, Rachel, I've been trying with no success to fly to a site for days. And today when I loaded up my last thing into the truck, that is when the ice fog suddenly was upon us. I guess it's all a lesson in only trying to control the things that you can. Hopefully you had better luck than I did in traveling...

  2. i absolutely HATE flying out of eek. like it's the only place where i have problems flying out, even if there's millions of planes that go to kwn.. like they just can't stop and pick someone up. it's on their way over anyway.
    anyway.. Hope you made it home :)


  3. Thank the Lord I'm not alone in this dilemma;) We did make it back yesterday morning...Finally;)