Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life is Too Short, Embrace the Dork in You!

As they say the early bird gets the worm,
but it would be wise to remember
it's the second mouse that gets the cheese. ~A Real Thinker

We are family... The whole gang together again in Hayward, Wisconsin for spring break! What a blessing:) Here's Gram, she can't even get away from us if she wanted to now. Sorry Gram.
Birkebeiner - Easier said than skied...Especially when you get into town the night before from flying all day. But I know I wasn't the only one as the gentleman sitting next to us on the flight from Seattle to Minneapolis was studying the trail elevations, intense guy. Wonder if he got first?Birkie Fever was in the air all around town as skiers and spectators alike flooded in by the droves. Roads were closed down, snow was hauled in and all available sleeping quarters filled up. That's Birkie weekend in Wisconny. The temps were less than ideal as nordic type after type swooshed by with frostbitten extremities, my own nose, ears, and toes included! My toes still aren't quite right but that's par for the course;)
The top pic is my 'Angry Faced Mainstreet Finish'
(so said my lil bros)

To the left early morning pre-race jitters.

To the right frost bitten with frozen eyelashes at the finish
These are the before and after pictures for your viewing pleasure. Go ahead laugh, we all did. What a treat to see so many old friends out on the trail. It should be noted that I was in fact 2 years too late for this 3rd Wave placement where I found myself very ill prepared, having trained on only our beloved tundra flatland by tennis shoe! I flung my bag toward the kind volunteer at the bag drop truck while gingerly jogging by in my ski boots. I was late as usual since lil bro Sam and I made a narrow miss on the time factor; my wave was being counted down as I arrived on the scene. I scooted under the rope and couldn't help but grin with my blue trimmed bib claiming this Wave 3 spot earned 2 years back when I was in shape! Immediately saw a couple dear friends from my Hayward church family suited up and ready to take off with me! Like I mentioned I had chased after Wave 3 (PB and probably last) and finally made it back in 2009! Last year I was 'in village' unable to get home to ski and this year by a stroke of luck and God Speed I made it 'down states' in time to grab the newly waxed skis from New Moon and take my place hitting the trail! From that point on it was ultimately an uphill finish quickly falling back with my usual Wave 4 friends who welcomed my return (that's my take anyway). It kinda felt like a dream as I would see familiar faces at every food station. Logically I took the opportunity to gather hugs and visit while the rest of my Wave 3 swished past. There was a more meaningful purpose this year beyond waves and bibs, that was to ski in honor of a dear friend from Hayward who is battling ASL. He is strong, kind man who touches the lives of anyone lucky enough to be around him prayers for him went up as skis slid along the snow. This year was also skied on Allison's behalf in memory of a friend of her's who passed away far, far too soon. So it meant a lot to be home on the trail this year sometimes racing up a hill and other times slowing to watch the trees pass. Intentional. And when the first Wave 10 speedster zinged by on Lake Hayward (the homestretch) I cheered him on, "Take it home super skier guy! Finish strong for all of us just chugging along!" You know I couldn't have been happier on my birkie birthday when my second worst time trek was finally complete. Greeting me at the finish was my amazing, crazy, wonderful family and friends. An incredible day, truly a Gift from God. Thank you and Quyana everybody, you were all part of it in every capacity. My cup overflowth!
Anchor Town
Stayed in Hayward for 5 days then flew on back to the big city to participate in a few of the Fur Rondy Festivities. These turned out to be...

The ice sculpture park downtown. My favorite was Manny the Mammoth...I call him that because I love that movie. Columbo found his favorite bumper sticker. And we got to pose at the Eskimo ice sculpture: "Hello from Anchorage!"
Not much for sightings of the dogs (we missed the ceremonial start) my bad, I know. But since I'm starting my own dog team (if only in my dreams) I didn't feel too distraught, except for missing Martin (my favorite musher of all time, mostly because I love his accent). We did however, spy this Sasquatch...evidently he's alive and well and partaking in the Fur Rondy Festivities in downtown Anchorage much like the rest of us. I even got this very rare snapshot of him as he meandered along with the reindeer runners.

Speaking of, we did manage to catch the...

I think it should be running from the reindeer.

Here they are...all kinds of hardy, fun loving souls, giving what they do in Spain a healthy Alaskan twist!
Each runner and reindeer for themselves. It was an experience to behold let me tell you.
My favorite? The Reindeer Wrangler to the out Marlboro Man there's a new sheriff in town.Where's Waldo?

Happy 3rd Birthday to Alivia!

What's most important is that we did make it to the ultimate event happening during Fur Rondy...
Alivia's 3rd Birthday Party
Complete with cake, ice cream, pizza and all the boys trying to figure out how to put together her newly unwrapped baby doll pack and play.
Shout Out To: Tanya and Rod welcoming their brand new first born baby boy Gunner into this wild world! Happy Birthdays to Amy Lou, Anne, Tanya, Stephanie and BrookE!
Celebrating you all:)

"...And now, my dear daughter, don't you worry about a thing..." Ruth 3:10

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