Thursday, February 17, 2011

Already I Beat You!

A good snow machine costs $2000 and lasts 4 to 5 years. With dogs you've got regenerative powers. Snow machines don't have pups." ~Lou Schultz

"Well, if you would just drive like your from Wisconsin not Minnesota..." says to me the Principal who shows up this morning to rescue us in our beloved and buried Magic School Bus with a 'SERVING SPOON! You're also probably wondering who's futilely, yet courageously digging away under the bus with the only tool we had aboard (our window scraper) none other than Connie! Jills of all trades we bush teachers are! Always be prepared: That's our tundra motto. "A serving spoon???!! Are you serious???" Connie and I wondered at Principal Eric. "The message I got was that you guys couldn't figure out how to get the bus into 4 wheel drive." So evidently a serving spoon was going to be our humble pie as he gloated around 'putting it in 4 wheel drive'. At least I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, I hate to imagine the alternative, that after his 10 years in the tundra he thinks a serving spoon is sufficient. Much to his dismay, we KNEW and "ALREADY!!!" We had a blizzard blow in last night, and though it doesn't look like it from the pics we had cleared the other seven drifts 'Minnesota style': Can't go over it, Can't go under it, Can't go around it, We're gonna have to go through it! We seriously had no choice as the other route we normally take was blocked with someone else's buried vehicle. The kids were cheering "Yay Connie and Rachel We Can Do This! Go Bus Go!" Connie and I were determined. All riders bared down. I revved the engine more for the show than speed, got a nice run at it and...'POOF'. Sadly, for Mudville that last drift proved to be too much for even the Magic School Bus, posing more as Rollagon. We ended up sending the kids 'by walk' and a few others 'by 4 wheel' since we weren't too far from the school. Principal Eric tucked his tail and went back for shovels. We spent the next 20 minutes unearthing the Magic Bus. Of course today was the only day I have ever decided to leave my house without a hat and mittens! Murphy's Law;) All in a school day's work!
Warm Fuzzies Alive and Well in Quinhagak
Thanks to Mrs. B everyone has been telling everyone else how much they appreciate one another lately. Kids and teachers alike wander by the 'Warm Fuzzy' board to see if they might have a note of kindness. I remember my high school geometry teacher Mr. Simon reading us the Warm Fuzzy story. Funny how things come full circle.
The Pups They love to crawl under my bed, relentlessly chase Ani and their mother, Seeker around the house until they finally find short lived relief on the couch (which the pups will be able to jump up on in a few more days I'm certain). They climb the kids, pull the blankets off the couch, drag shoes and boots all over the house. They are so cuddly and adorable and so hard to keep up with! LOL Principal Eric is threatening to take them home today. Good thing I won't be around after tomorrow. Surly I'd be going through heavy duty puppy withdrawals.

Yeah but what's up with that title you ask? Today in Ali's math class I was playing an intense game of Place Value Top It against Jeremy. Having been beaten twice I was overly zealous to shout out my victory half way through the 3rd round "Already I beat you!" I cheered at Jeremy. Ali was walking past as I declared his defeat. "Spoken in perfect Yup'ik," she observed with a grin. It's true. Much like Spanish reversals, Yup'ik has the same kind of thing going on when a fluent speaker uses English. Apparently I'm picking it up (the reversals, not the Yup'ik;)

Shout Out To: Quyanaqvaa Megan and Bridget for spreading the word to Joy and Karen who sent us a box of beautiful brand new prom dresses! A few of which are already on display in the hallway!

So for real I think this is my final post for awhile! Have a great spring break.

He orders the snow, 'Blanket the earth!'
and the rain, 'Soak the whole countryside!'
Job 37:6


  1. The puppies look like so much fun!

  2. Today is the beginning of Week 1 of Beth Moore's Daniel study. Very excited!!

  3. Melissa said she got to meet you in Hayward after my telling her about you. She said you plan to stay in Alaska. I hope you are having a fun trip back home. Nothing like snow in March - right? Last year at this time we were losing or had lost all of our snow and did not see any again until Nov. Well - not this year. Did you get to attend the Birkebiner?

  4. Rach, Didn't know if you were involved in earthquake situation or not? Just worried about you!

  5. Rachel, Worried about you and earthquake situation, just wondering if you were all right

  6. Rachel. Just wondering if earthquake affected you in any way