Sunday, September 27, 2009

Over The Mountains and Thru the Tundra...

"Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it."
-Michael Johnson's trainer

(Community Art Work in Dillingham)

Go with me here..this is a very loose rendition of 'Over the River'...You get the idea.
Start with the title of this post, duh, you knew that, I know.

...To the Dillingham CC Meet we flew,
The pilot knew the way to fly us that day
Through the white and drifting snow,

Out the 207 window and down at the mountains and trees
All our cold noses we all smash,
To see all the new sights and the super long roads
That Dillingham has and also big tall pines and ash!!!

Isn't it September why is it snowing,
I thought we still had some fall,
And the boys are running in their basketball uniforms
This cold is going to freeze them all.

Down to Bristow Bay and up the Muddy Rudder,
To a real restaurant we did eat.
Ordering burgers, fries and orange juice

Pop is not an option during CC, forbidden treat.

Oh, back to the school but first by the thrift store
We stopped to buy fun things.

A new experience for the boys we think they enjoyed.
On cell phones constantly and every second there are multiple rings.

OH, over the construction zone by the school and down the street
To the AC and NNN stores we hiked,
To buy all the stuff we can't get in Quin,

We'll be over the limit on the plane home by the pilot we won't be well liked.

Oh the team ran so fast cruising right past as I tried to snap photos,
So proud of them as through the trees they ran.
Against Aluetian Chain schools

Bethel sized schools and more just then it started to Snow!

Over to the airport in the van they brought us to catch our plane,
The boys warned we'd be on weather hold
They were right as 3 hours we waited I slept
Finally up to the clouds through wind and snow.

Now we're back home such a great trip, so fun to see Dillingham
I have tons of pictures of trees
And of all changing leaves
So I won't completely miss out on fall.

Pictures Above: Right-Bristow Bay from Plane, Mountains and Fall Colors from Plane, Start of Regional Cross Country Race, Snow Storm we waited out in Dillingham. Left-Tundra Changing from the Plane

(Left:Team and Mike in the beauty of Dillingham) (Right: Catching Snowflakes)

Trip to Dillingham was a success. The flight over the mountains was eye popping with the beautiful fall colors giving the landscape a new coat of paint...tundra to trees. Wow, were those pines and ash a sight for deprived fall color eyes as we crossed the mountains the trees came into view and I started cheering. I told the kids I could have just hugged those trees, they told me I should so I did. And they referred to me as 'the tree hugger' the rest of the weekend. They ran their best races this season in the freezing cold Saturday morning. As a matter of fact just as the boys were about to start their race it started to snow and didn't stop! We didn't qualify for state but I think we have some serious contenders for next year as long as the boys are diligent about their training. I am so proud of them. We ended up getting 'weathered in' an experience they assure me I'll become all too familiar with as the winter storms take the reigns. Basically, it means there is a delay until visibility permits. We did eventually get a break in the clouds, the pilot stepped in announced role call to Quinhagak (yes, that's how we do it here, the pilot is your check in, flight attendant, 1st mate and captain). He led us out to our chariot which was covered with a plane sized sleeping bag to keep the engine warm and wing comforters to help de-ice. He peeled off the aircraft winter weather gear, we hopped aboard our little 207 (always making sure to lock the door) a mere 8000 feet up (quite high for a 207 but we had to get out of the storm) and 300 miles across, landed us back home in an hour 20. I was wedged in the back seat as usual (see the picture below), much like traveling in the Monte Carlo this summer with the fam.

That's me wedged in back of the plane.

Right: Professed Tree Hugger
Local News: Tim shot a Grizzly Bear this weekend. Everyone eagerly gathered outside his house to get a peek as he hauled it into town with the help of several four-wheelers and trailers. We're all getting to try some grizzly meat too:) Many will be set for winter because of Tim:)Fannie and David came back with northern pikes from fishing some of the interior tundra lakes near Eek. They also bagged a caribou. After church today she sent me home with a dorito bag full of fresh caribou and a northern pike. Mike offered to finish filleting the rest of their pikes to make sure all the bones were out. As you can see the neighborhood kiddos came over to supervise. This picture is taken in my arctic entry. Stop on over this week we'll, be having pan fried fish with a side of caribou and grizzly bear! I am ever so happily a meat eater! Also we are busy preparing for the 1st Annual Salmon Run this Friday in Quinhagak. If you are in the mood for a fun 5k come on up our way this weekend! We've got T-shirts and goodie bags....

Left: Mike, Marley and Ani by the Bering Sea
Right (Me, Ani, Sherry, Addy) ready to run
"The revelation of God is whole
and pulls our lives together.
The signposts of God are clear
and point out the right road.
The life-maps of God are right,
showing the way to joy.
The directions of God are plain
and easy on the eyes.
God's reputation is twenty-four-carat gold,
with a lifetime guarantee.
The decisions of God are accurate
down to the nth degree." Psalm 19:7-9


  1. Rachel, How long is your cross country season? Great pictures!!! Especially loved the ones with you being a "tree hugger" and being wedged into the plane. Good luck with your Salmon Run this weekend wish I could be there for it!! Take Care and May God Bless Always!!

  2. Not long enough! We had only 2 meets due to the expense of airplane travel and all the other sports Quin offers the kids. If we would have placed for State our season would have ended this coming weekend instead of last weekend. They just started Volleyball, Wrestling, and Native Youth Olympics (really neat program). Oh I wish you could be here for the run too. You'd love it Joe. You and Faith sould consider a year up here in your future for fun! Thanks for your encouragement...always. Thanking God for you! Rachel aka Miss Scum;)