Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Case of the Januarys

"The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope." Frank Lloyd Wright

Sometimes in January...
You just gotta do something adventurous like...
The Kuskokwim 300
Well Congratulations, John Baker won the Kuskokwim 300 Dog Sled Race this Sunday afternoon. Steph and I were all geared up to go in and partake in the semi-local event, offering our keen dog sense as volunteers. But when the mercury dipped down to -50 for a several days and snow was nearly nonexistent so we decided to forego the 300 and buy a couple plane tickets to Anchorage round about March 3ish....yeah, we're going to the Iditarod!!!!! I kinda feel lik
e I won the lottery, odd I know since I'm dishing out money but I never thought I'd get to see the start. I keep up with it every year and silently imagine (like everyone else) that I'll do it someday when I grow up and become a musher full time... even did a few math units following the Iditarod. Anyway we're pretty excited to go to the big city and join in on the festivities.

Sometimes in January
You just gotta do something meaningful like...
The Singspiration
Our bible study ladies had our debut at the singspiration this weekend. Thanks to Kim corralling all of us up there. We made a joyful noise unto the Lord with a whole lot of others from the community. We sang "Cleanse My Heart". If I had more internet I would be able to download the video of some others singing.

Sometimes in January...
You just gotta do something crazy like...
Dress Up
Okay girls this one is for us...I am 16 times a bridesmaidish person...Michelle's, Shay's, Missy's, Briggie's, Maira's, Amanda's, Heather's, Meggie's, Layla's, Heidi's, Brooke's, Tanya's, Eric's, Spoke at Amy's, Read at Mark's and Greeted at Dawn's...in the last few years I seem to have accumulated quite a resume of wedding experience. Now I don't want to take away from the fun that I have had at all these weddings and the honor is has been to stand beside my dear friends and family dreaming, dressing, dancing, adoring, bridal showering, bacheloretting, and a whole host of other activities but the other night when Anna stopped by was no exception. She was immediately hauling the heavy, smooth, taffeta out of the closet and pulling it over her head maybe even before she had her boots off, lol. "Rachel, zip me up!" she ordered turning her back to me. "I need a crown." she said as she rummaged around until she found just the necklace that would work. Then lugging the train through the house, she finally unloaded it on the kitchen floor, and there had a tea party I was officially invited and hot cocoa was the main entree. What I hadn't expected was the rare opportunity to enjoy the other side of the veil, lol. Refusing to have any part of my adult-like rational and dismissal of her initial petition by my arguing that the dress doesn't fit me, Anna still insisted that I put it on!!!! "It's your turn!" she adamantly ordered shoving the infamous dress at me. (I don't think any wedding dress has had as much fun as this one has lately). "You have to." she added nonchalantly," Come on, I zip you up." "Oh, it won't zip up on me sweetie, it's too small." I matter of factly laughed to her. "How you know?" she countered with a furrowed brow. "Put it on," she instructed and again pushed it at me. "Okay fine, but it's too small." I laughed knowing I could easily demonstrate and be done with the stubborn 6 year old. "No it's not," she last worded me. With a little wriggling and tugging, sure shootin, she zipped me up! "I zip you! See!" she laughed. By the time I was in The Dress, she was Cleopatra and I know God was busting a gut at the two of us parading around the house. I'm sure my neighbors were wondering about me since Anna wasn't tall enough to be seen through the window but, I am. Who cares, was pretty tickled that the dress did fit, it looks so small. It was too funny not to get a picture, I did trip over 'the dress' as if on cue and fell while trying to get this picture which sent Anna into an instant belly laugh as you can see, somehow I still managed to scramble to my feet and make it into the shot. Now that I have confessed I'm posting these pics so you can get a laugh too.

"Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord." Psalm 1:24


  1. Hey! you're coming here!! be sure to check out the native new life musicale if u can. it's at the changepoint church this year. nativenewlife.org has the dates. it's much like the singspirations there at home.


  2. Gwen, I will absolutely check it out, thanks for the tip chica! I'll have to get a hold of you when we come that way maybe we can connect for coffee or something???? Wouldn't that be so fun!!! Rach

  3. Lynn and I have often said how much we would love to see the start of the Iditarod - up at Willow or wherever they start now. I too watch it on TV. Have not been feeling well the past two days. Hope to get something done today. Our weather has been opposite of you - in the 30's. Next week will be colder again - in the teens, but we should be past the really cold stuff now. God bless!!

  4. Hey Kid, How are you doing? Sounds like you are going to clean the cobwebs off of those running shoes!! We are going to do the KC Half Marathon again and I probably will plan on doing some huge bike ride with our son. It is always good to read your blog!! Good Bible verse at the end of your blog!! Blessings Always!!