Saturday, January 30, 2010

To Jor or Not to Jor, That Isn't Even a Question

"I'm always doing things I can't do that's how I get to do them." Pablo Picasso

"Let's Go!!" After our run out past the Kanektok River, I clipped Animosh to his house (he went 9 miles running with me today) so he took a well deserved break while I jumped in on the ski joring extravaganza with Sherry and Steph. Sherry lent me Quin and Arolik, whoa definitely not my Ani. I was at their mercy. The two power houses (below) drug me half way across the dog lot while I was trying to get my skis on. Luckily DH was out walking her dog at that moment and graciously brought me the skis from where I had been torn away from them in the dust (snow) as I was being mushed away on my knees, then my side and finally my butt, against my will. From a seated position in order to anchor the eager, leaping, barking huskies I buckled on ye old faithful rock skis and began trying to stand up, of course before I could they were off, sprinting with all their might toward Sherry! She had Comet and Seekers (pictured top) and was already 1/4 mile down the snowgo trail. I somehow haphazardly righted myself getting enough balance to stand up on my already speed sliding skis. It was hilarious, picture a person barefoot water skiing behind a boat, spinning all around on their back and body. They do this intentionally, my acrobatic production was completely out of my control. Thankfully and miraculously I able to pull myself up and get going the same direction as the dogs at my own will. It was something to behold, we put on a great show for all the carpenters working on the new housing units. Meanwhile Steph and her two were waiting for Sherry and I to come flying by! There we were, all three of us and 6 dogs joring along on a very beautiful above zero day in Quinhagak. It was wonderful. I'm so thankful for my friends! What fun! I wish you were all here with us! Miss everyone so much. Happy Saturday Everyone. P.S. after all was said, done and thoroughly bruised, Sherry informed me that she wears knee pads when she jors: aha! I thought to myself as I looked down at my skinned up knee through the hole in my 'way too expensive' ski pants. Note to self: tricks of the trade.

Dennis and Tim had a successful hunting trip today! 2 Caribou:)

"The amazing grace of Jesus Christ be with you!" 1 Thessalonians 5:28


  1. I am trying to get caught up on computer stuff including your blog. Last week was busy - I had plenty of cleaning to do - still do - it's hard to keep up with Lynn coming in the main door from the barn to head to the basement- in summer he comes in the laundry room door which is much less a mess for everyone else. Our daughter Katie and family were stopping by yesterday after I got home from work, so I quick did some vacuuming, cleaned off the table, and lit some candles. My boss' last day of work was Friday, so now we wait for a new director to be hired. We had a staff meeting/party before the library opened. It was my day off, so then I stopped for supplies and then home. We have had cold weather the past week - cold as in minus 5 here in the morning, minus 20 for others, but back to the teens during the day. It should be close to 30 later this week.Got the car washed again yesterday since the roads are dry and everything else is frozen. The sky is getting light before 7 now, and setting after 5, so that makes a huge difference. Spring is not far off.

  2. The house always wins eh? Its so true Kris, the littlest bit of light seriously makes all the difference. We are getting light here around 10 and staying light til 6! Its great. Thanks for the update:)