Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ready Or Not...

And by and by Christopher Robin came to an end of things, and he was silent, and he sat there, looking out over the world,
just wishing it wouldn't stop.
Winnie the Pooh-The House at Pooh Corner

A Steam Team

This is a Maqii (Steam House)

We steamed around 10 pm on a school night!  Wild and crazy I tell ya, mostly because after you steam you sleep like log which makes getting up in the morning not the easiest task.  But we did it because we are leaving and we are determined to seize every opportunity when it presents itself!  Quyana Karen and family.

This is Alicia driving Karen's four wheeler back for the 2nd time ever in her life after steaming around midnight.  This shot was actually captured only moments before she was pulled over by the Village Police Officer for carrying a rider on the front of 'her' machine (Karen)!  Hilarious, this was a the first time any of us including Karen had ever been 'pulled over' in Quinhagak.  It basically consisted of VPO Jerome slowly creeping up behind us then along side of us until we were forced to pull over to see who the crazy driver was trying to edge us off the road.  Luckily she didn't receive a ticket, just a warning and reprimand for Karen to get off the front and climb on back.  Oddly enough you can fit as many people as possible on the back of your 'honda' and not be in danger of getting pulled over. Even though every wheeler in town has a caution sticker posted visibly somewhere that reads:  DO NOT RIDE ON REAR BARS OF ATV OR CARRY RIDERS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT... etc  I guess riding in the front is just pushing the envelop a little too much even for Quinhagak:)
  Anyway it made all of us crack up at Alicia's expense;)

The Wacky Olympics were back by popular demand!  Nice work Steph putting it all together. You can see the human pyramid and the musical chairs team unwrapping of a thoroughly duct taped object below as well.  In the end Mrs. Z's Red Bulls walked away with first place (a nacho chips n cheese and sherbert ice cream party!) Yum. 

Wacky Olympians

Kevin made popsicles for everyone!

Then There's the Annual Beach Party
We kicked off our shoes, froze our feet in the Bering Sea high tide, ran around in the sand and pigged out on hamburgers and hot dogs cooked over an open fire.  We do up the end of the year right around here.

Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat Staff 2010-2011
Kevin, Me, Allison and Company
Roasting Hot Dogs
Tim putting another log on the fire.

My Parka Lives On In Good Hands
Johnny takes 'Beach Picnic' seriously

Rain cleared long enough for a sunny picnic
Smore Smiles

What's left? I have to finish cleaning my house and packing.  Beyond that I am T minus 48 hours. At that point Quinhagak becomes part of my past and is no longer my present.  Ouch, that is a hard pill to swallow.  But what a time is has been.  I mean just look at these pics.  My cup overflowth.

Shout Out To:  Felicia who is taking my position next year!  Consider this your torch girl and run with it:) To everyone who has been part of my life here!  I will miss you to the moon and back!  To everyone who has traveled this road with me through this blog!  Quyana, I've felt your good company. 
And to God...Quyanaqvaa! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for it all.
"...Paul left the ship briefly to go to the meeting place and preach to the Jews. They wanted him to stay longer, but he said he couldn't. But after saying good-bye, he promised, 
"I'll be back, God willing." 
Acts 18:19

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  1. This is Mike. Seeing these photos and stories on Rachel's blog leaves me feeling so fortunate to have had the opportunity on 3 separate occasions, (thanks to Rachel), to visit the community of Quinhagak and its beautiful people. Thankyou to you, Rachel, and to all those living there, especially the precious children, for sharing your lives and food and spirit with me! I hope to be back soon. May you feel blessed each day. Safe travels and blessings to Rachel--a gift from God in each of our lives.