Saturday, October 9, 2010

Little Blessings from a Big Sun

Good morning.
Above the dark horizon soon
new light rays will appear.
They signify to all the world
a fresh new day is here.

I'm sitting at my kitchen table too early for a Saturday but smiling none the less because the coffee is percolating (I love that sound and smell) and because of the way the Sun is shining just so through the kitchen window. It's lighting up the whole west side of the room and again sends me remembering back to the upstairs bedroom (for my know the one facing Uncle Jeff's) on the farm and waking up to the same bright rays bouncing around that pine ceiling illuminating the whole room. Urging me to get up! That this day awaits! Hurry, there are cousins to be woken up from their peaceful slumber (sorry girls), bacon to be eaten (thank you Gram), four wheelers to be driven (Grampa), horses to be chased, rocks to be climbed on, stalk ponds to be swam in and who even knew what else! Better yet...the day was only beginning! The Sun, it seemed, was as excited to get going as I was and you know what is so wild???? Today, this very morning, in my stilted cozy honeybucket haven on Sewage Lagoon Road in this little coastal village of Western Alaska known as Quinhagak, I find that exact same Sun anxiously awaiting me to get this day rolling! May your day be a beautiful one...where ever in this world you are:)

And that's an official "Good Morning World, From Quinhagak!"

"And each morning and evening they stood before the Lord to sing songs of thanks and praise to him." 1 Chronicles 23:30


  1. Many Blessings to you as you continue to bless all you come in contact with!!!

  2. Hey Joe!

    Same goes out to you! Hope you are enjoying the fall bike riding down Missouri way:) I had a moment of reflection when you told me about your Teton Trip. Fun! Take care! Blessings, Rachel

  3. Rachel, We have never met-I'm Jim's baby sister! I spend many a lunch hour(I teach so it's more like 20 minutes) reading your blog! I love this post. I am a photographer and appreciate light and often I am moved by light. Thanks for such an eloquent writing about morning light and such...