Thursday, October 14, 2010


"Ya gotta steak knife? I could see if you're done, ha ha ha ha!!!"
~Karen at Maqii tonight.

We (Connie and I) were supposed to be flying to Bethel tonight to take part in a district wide special education training tomorrow morning...but around 7pm after an hour of wondering and waiting we got the word that there would be no flights in Quin tonight. There weren't any flights today either, no mail came in or out. It seems that pesky fog and freezing rain were holding up air traffic today at the Bethel Regional. So instead of dinner out at Demetri's like we had dreamed, we accepted the offer to take a steam with Karen! The only real trade rivaling a flight to the big city. IT was a scorcher folks. For the first time in my short 'maqii-ing' history I got the 'salmon' spots. Yep, I tried to get a picture for you. Here's the deal, they get the steam so sizzeling hot that it practically burns your skin and hopefully for me only temporarily turns it spotted. For my Yupik maqii-ing friends they have these spots as permanent badges of honor. Maqii tatoos if you will, seared into their skin.

Reading over breakfast this morning...I had to catch up on the local newsletters that find their way to my P.O. Box. So I'm sharing with you the latest from Quin, hot off the presses!
Have a hilarious weekend everyone! If you are bored I heard a little rumor that our very own Kuskokwim Delta Famous Traci Buckle of Eek, AK will be singing at the Saturday Night Just Desserts up at the Cultural Center in Bethel. Come on over for some excellent entertainment.

"And when the sun was up, they were scorched;
and because they had no root,they withered away.
" Matthew 13:6


  1. big red badges of honor, they are! i've got the burns, too! (mostly all gone, but a few came out this summer in the sun, I think...either that or 2 distinct age spots on my face...)

    sorry you couldn't get to bethel!

  2. i havent gotten burns in a LONG time, i can't wait to maqi. It's official, we're going home for christmas, and it's been 4 years since!