Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ready to Run...Away

"Which would you rather watch: sword-swallowers and snake charmers from New Delhi...or *MacGyver*?" - Shelly, Northern Exposure
That quote reminded me of a comical conversation I had with a student earlier this fall while walking down the gravely road. The student had dropped her cell phone in the water. We were trying to come up with some way to dry it out. The conversation evolved into me trying to imagine up some other unique amazing use for a soaked cell phone. To this she commented, "There you go getting all 'MacGyver' on me." Initially I laughed at her comment, then it struck me odd that this 15 year old was using the word 'MacGyver' at all. "Wow!" I responded with pleasant surprise,"You've watched MacGyver? I didn't even know that was still on."
"What?" she frowned with a puzzled look, "Watched MacGyver????? I don't know what you are talking about but MacGyver is when you turn something into something out of practically nothing. Don't you know that?"
"Oh, I see." I nodded trying not to let my expression say how old I felt at that moment, "Well, back when I was young MacGyver was a T.V. show. The main character's name was "MacGyver". He was always making something out of practically nothing. That's were that term comes from."
"Hum," she shrugged not sure if she should believe me, "Weird."
I felt like I had crossed through some: "You know you're getting older when".....rite of passage.

Meanwhile back at the ranch (stilted trailer) I'm packing for ANCHORAGE!!!! Yep, I'm off to the big city tomorrow afternoon. Haven't been out of the village that far since my arrival in August! I hope writing that down just now didn't jinx me. Watch the wind start blowing. I'm very anxious to get out, see everybody, get my hair done, eat at a restaurant and hike up some mountains! Not to mention the marathon, yikes, seriously I almost don't want to mention the marathon. But if I tell you about the race then there's more reason to finish it, hopefully. Anyway I'm still up at school right now and as my VHF always calls out "It's time to Go home." So have a great weekend everybody I'll be thinking of you from Anchorage.
"Run with endurance the race set before you." Hebrews 12:1


  1. HEY Kid Just remember Isiah 40:31!! Have a blessed one !!

  2. woohoo for anchorage! good luck on ur race!


  3. Hey Kid, Just checking to see how things went with you today. I did a 40 mile bike ride in brutal wind, but I did it!!! Let me know how you did!!! Blessings Always!!!

  4. Yes, MacGyver is still on. This young lady may not have watched it, but you can see it on Sleuth tv via satelilte - not every day, but maybe once a week. It also appears from time to time on TV land, but that varies. People also order various seasons of show through the library.

    We have had rain the past two days off and on. I just received a message this afternoon that we have a wind warning out for Tuesday night and Wednesday. Very unusual for us. Otherwise we are busy with our jobs, Sunday school lessons, and Wednesday night lessons. Also, gearing up for Operation Christmas Child. Our oldest daughter and her two kids are coming for a visit on Thursday.

    Go Packers tonight as they play the Vikings - on NBC. Can you watch that game?

    God bless!!!! Kris