Thursday, January 27, 2011

3's Company, 5's Crowd, 6's a Herd?

"I don't know about you guys but we are the weirdest herd I've ever seen."
~Sid the Sloth, Ice Age

Family Pack
Last night the Skime trailerhold consisted of what only seems appropriate to call... a herd. Our members are as follows and (in no particular order): my friend Erin who is one of our fab itinerants - she slept on the couch, another new friend Pam who was in to do NAEP testing - she slept in the spare bedroom, Seeker Mumma dog, Jet, Tak, Car - they slept in the arctic entry, Me and Animosh - we slept our room! It was a trailerful! Principal Eric, Sherry and kids are in Juneau enjoying pleasanter climates so as they are basking away and I was given the wonderful opportunity to puppy sit! Yep, all 4 and the kennel arrived on Monday night. That night I woke up at 1 o'clock am to escort one of the howling babes back to the kennel. Somehow in the night she had lost her way and was nosed against the wall in the arctic entry. At 2 o'clock am I woke up to a whining Animosh needing to go outside for a potty break. At 3 o'clock am I woke up to Seeker trying to burrow through the cardboard boxes looking for what?? I'm not sure, all I could do was pray it wasn't in pursuit of some unwanted furry rodent! My next thought was to worry that maybe I'm not cut out for this 'not sleeping' through the night business. I had a moment of unbelievable empathy for my friends who are mothers...I have no clue how you girls do it! It was only my first night and I wanted to sit down and howl right along with the pups.
The Dentist Office came to village and set up shop in the school library.
Yep, conveniently located... our fly in dentist opened up for two fun filled days in the school library! Everyone got their teeth checked up and books checked out!

Pic to the left is Connie leading the Head Start kiddos out the front door, everyday it is a different theme. This day they were a team of tigers you could hear them all the way out the door. Roooaaaar!!

Well Duh?!
Again merrily teaching along the other day and in our book a question about a picture came up... the question was... "How can you tell which child is a girl?" The goal behind it being to learn how to pick out specific details such as..she's wearing a skirt, she has ribbons in her hair, the proverbial sugar and spice and everything nice scenario... Well one of my keen little guys piped up "Cause her hair is scribbly!" "What?!" I gasped dramatically looking at the picture a second time,"Surely she can't have scribbly hair!" Truthfully I wasn't quite sure what he meant but upon revisiting the picture true enough the drawing showed a little girl with what could be construed as curly/snarly hair. "Oh," I agreed, " You mean snarly hair? Like, messy?" "Yep!" he beamed confidently "That's how come I could tell it was a girl!" Okay I sceptically observed my own disheveled locks flying around. Note to self next week's focus: better hair do.

"Good Morning"
Ode to scribbly hair! I confess, I am not a morning person (exhibit A to the left). I actually have come to invite the dark Alaskan mornings, they justify my desire to sleep in late, wake up slowly and wander around in the peaceful dim quiet of the morning. Most days I even do my hair in the dark...I really don't like bright lights in the morning, bright sunshine sure, but bright lights...negative. I think it stems from my precious mum's well intended, certainly love filled but to me... incredibly obnoxious wake up calls as a child. There I'd be snoring away in peaceful slumbers, suddenly like a freight train plowing through the wall of my bedroom she'd burst through the door flip on the light and sing out "RACHIE!!! RACHIE BABY IT IS TIMMMMMMMEEEEEE TO GET UP! WAKE UP! IT IS TIME FOR SCHOOL!!! RACHEL BETH, RACHIE, RACHIE BABY!! WAKE UP! GET UP ETC....." Seriously, it made me want to scream, I'm not joking (I love you Mum but my personality could not handle it, I think I was actually kind of scarred.) Talk about waking up on the the wrong side for the bed or light for that matter! As if that wasn't enough she'd leave the light on and trot out the door, forcing me to grumpily crawl out of bed to turn it off. This was how I started my days for the first 10 years of my life until I realized the freedom having my own alarm clock beheld. It was then my quiet morning routine began. Hummm, what was my point in all this? I just got a little carried away, way off topic. My point was? I think I was orginally going to tell you about morning phone conversations in Quin. They always, always begin with whatever the reason is for the call and end with saying "Good Morning" just before one hangs up. I love it. How's that for a story??!! I digress:)

Is it Delivery? No! It's DEBILT'S!
Last night Teacher Of The Year, Tim Debilt, stopped over to let us sample jar his very own pickled herring and a jar of his smoked herring, yummmy I need to learn how to do that! It was sooooo delicious we gobbled up both in record time. We were entirely impressed and surprised with yet another one of Tim's many talents! The list just goes on and on and he's so humble. Anyway tonight we are relieved to know that the wrestling team led by none other than Tim Debilt himself (of course) is busy cooking up a storm in the school cafeteria to have their second fundraiser delivery night. Erin is weathered in here again tonight (winds are gusting up to 60 mph) so we called and ordered in! The boys said they'll be knocking on the door....sometime. We are eagerly awaiting and preparing all the fixings to go with it! What treat! Debilt's Delivery in Quinhagak!

"And a great crowd of people followed him because
they saw the signs
he had performed by healing the sick."
John 6:2

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