Monday, January 10, 2011

Yesterday I Fell

"I knew I was clumsy." ~Jerry Rice (even!)

Up to the foot of my front steps you recall the ice skating rink is back. Such that, all our gray water draining out from teacher housing floods the ground, we should put a frozen arc in there with little toy animals. Somedays it's more slippery than others. And yesterday morning was one of those days. I was all hopped up on caffeine bopping across the street from coffee with Sherry, the kids and puppies, empty mug in hand. I rounded the corner to my front steps, missed grabbing the rail by a long shot since my feet were already out from underneath me and continuing in the wrong direction while the rest of me was rapidly headed iceward and in a very precarious manner! Waaaaaaaaa-whhhhhhhhhhooooooooo-eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! There was simply nothing graceful about my performance, this was immediately confirmed by my trusty neighbors Alison and John who had ironically been standing in their kitchen window at the precise moment I came cruising along. "Are you okay???!!!" they cried out the window, they had heaved open in an instant to verify my pulse. "I'm okay." I answered as shocked as them doing a quick inventory on all necessary parts and holding up my empty coffee cup miraculously unharmed. We shared a moment of camaraderie while I crawled up the steps. It seems they each had their own recent luges along the frozen waterway between our houses. Teaching is a physically dangerous job this time of year.

And the day before I fell down
to the foot of the front steps owing my survival to my trusty pupperoo, Animosh who was faithfully at my side ready to come to my rescue at a moments notice (mostly though that's because I always have a hold of his collar when we walk out the front door or he darts off disappearing to the dog lot). Anyway because I had that tight grip, he was easily accessible as an impromptu stabilizer. As I slipped toward the series of slick steps below, I grabbed onto all of his 30 pounds of village born and raised husky mutt to which he bared down digging his claws into the ice. It was a triumphant moment for us. We were a team. I owe him. Even if his saving me was mostly secondary to trying to save himself. The claws digging into the ice may also have been an inevitable law of gravity reaction to which he had no control over from adding my body weight to his. But what can I say I'm a hopeless romantic.

I initially splinted my mallet finger (looked it up on the internet) with a Popsicle stick. The bugger won't straighten out on its own so I devised an almost professional looking treatment. My brother Josh wanted to see a picture of it so I'm taking one, this is for you Joshie. I went to the clinic yesterday and this was the lovely splint wrapping job I returned with.

"...They'll run here and there, back and forth, as if running for their lives even though no one is after them, tripping and falling..." Leviticus 26:36

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