Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Waffling.

"You signed a contract, Joel. But much more important than that, you gave your word. And I intend to hold you to that word within the bounds of the law. If necessary, without the bounds of the law."- Maurice to Joel, Northern Exposure

Today we mushed. Eric and Sherry graciously donated their time, effort and dogs to give Steph and I a crash course in mushing. They have two sleds that Eric made featured above. So we both had a sled to drive. They split the team in two, four dogs each. One team which I drove consisted of Seekers, Comet, Lefse and CT (above left). The other which Steph and Sherry (below) drove was Quin, Arolik, Ozone and Chinook. Enjoy the photo journal. And move over Lance Mackey...

Here is a great shot of the shifting my kitchen has done over the winter. The counter top and cupboards no longer line up.

After much deliberation, I did sign my contract for LKSD. I'm coming back for round two, next year! I just can't leave Alaska quite yet folks;) It has a way of getting in your blood and tugging on your heart strings. Thank you for all of your prayers. God is good all the time...

"...If you can do anything, do it. Have a heart and help us!"
Jesus said, "If? There are no 'ifs' among believers.
Anything can happen."
No sooner were the words out of his mouth than
the father cried, " Then I believe. Help me with my doubts!"
Mark 9: 22-24


  1. Wow! I am speachless and in awe of you. Love you "Rashelly". I loved that. Maybe you were named after me Even from so far away you are a shining light for all to see. Auntie Shelly

  2. Congratulations on making a decision, Rachel! Year 2 will be filled with new adventures, deeper relationships, and more blessings (for all involved). Maybe you'll be around in July and we can meet (although I feel like we're already friends through Jerilyn)!

  3. Auntie Shelly I think the same thing when she says it. LOL, I am named after you if not at birth then in Yupik:) God is the shining light and I'm just trying to keep up with his program which is sometimes hard to see. I've been so sad thinking about home like I haven't been homesick until now. Seems like the ending of a an era in my life. Kinda feel melancholy and eager at the same time. Looking forward to being with family and friends come summer. Thank you for your encouragement. Love you, Rashelly

    Cathy, It is as though we are friends. Thank you for your kind words. This has been a wrestling match in my heart. But I know this is the right decision. I would love to get to meet you but since I'm coming back in August I'll probably be leaving the village sooner than later in May. So we shall stay in contact via Jerilyn. Did she tell you that she is in Anchorage right now helping bring her Gram home to Quin. I know she and her family can use our prayers her Gram hasn't been doing well. Many Blessings! Rachel

  4. Ah, sweet Rachel! For what it's worth, we did not sense that we would return to Quinhagak after our first summer living in the village in '05. When we were leaving after our '06 visit (we plan, God laughs!), I felt like the enemy was absolutely furious {gives me goosebumps thinking about it}. Quinhagak is our home away from home now, and our friendships run deep and mighty! Our lives would have stayed in the "safe and shallow" end had we not returned. Yes, God is so good ;) {and He even gives us fun, easy, and instant ways to communicate with loved ones back home!)

    Thanks for the heads-up about Jerilyn!

    Isaiah 43:19

  5. yay! i'm so excited you're staying another year.

    It's official, myself and my two kids are going to quinhagak for the singspiration.


  6. Oh good you will be home. Plan to come over lots. Your mom said they'll be in Anchorage so she's bringing a hug from me:) I'm looking forward to next year already! Amazing. Life is just simply amazing.

  7. Hey Kid, You are right God is good all the time!! HE must have big plans for you and obviously you are not finished yet!! Blessings Always !!

  8. Rashelly,

    Based on what I have read. Your homesickness would have run both ways. Home is where your heart is and that can be with both places. I am so impressed by your courage. You have not allowed fear to be an obstacle in your life. I have much to learn from you.....X0X0 Auntie, Shelly

  9. In our Beth Moore study we learned that where there is faith, fear can not fit. So thank the Lord for faith. much love, Rashelly

  10. Hurrah!!!!! And you will continue to have a home in Bethel next year, too!

  11. yay!!!! Welcome back to us:) See you tomorrow! By the way. I am coming in on Grant's 6pm flight and Mike will be coming on Alaska Air around 7:30. So I told him to meet us at the DO.

  12. I got goosebumps and tears all at the same time when I read that you were coming back next year! I'm living vicariously through you, even though I'm in Alaska, too! LOL. I hope to see you this summer!!!