Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Fever

"When I was a kid, I remember thinking that nothing was real. It felt like a movie set, and if you turned your head fast enough, you'd catch God changing the scenery."
- Joel to Maggie
Above Pic taken by Jim Barthelman, Photographer Extraordinaire
The scenery... Quinhagak to Bethel, Bethel to Quinhagak. Anchorage was a welcomed reprieve as we head for the homestretch of this school year. Third quarter is coming to an end. The year has been zooming by. I'm sure if feels much the same for all of you. Now in the throes of trying to make that decision to return to Quin for another year or head home to LCO after my year of leave. Never dreamed this decision would weigh so heavy on my heart. But Quinhagak has become: my home, the village: my community, and the people: my friends and family. It is that way back home in Wisconsin too. So could I just be in both places at once???? Why must life feel so ridden with decision making? I know God will point the direction, He has all along. I'm thankful for the blessing of decisions, don't get me wrong. I just wish He'd tell me which one exactly to choose. Loud and clear. Not leave so much up to my figuring it out. Sorry, I'm whining. Meanwhile...

But what's been happening???
Well, Steph and I had our basketball playing debut, shocking, yes, its true I played my first game of basketball this weekend in our local tournament to help support the bereavement fund. It was Steph's second game (she's an old pro). The fund was set up to help families with the expenses incurred to go to Anchorage when a loved one is sick in the hospital, airfare, food, housing etc. This is definitely a need out here since we are so remote the hospitalization costs are high for the entire family. So Steph and I accepted positions (I still don't know which one I actually played) on the LKSD team along with our fellow teachers: Emma (Capt.), Emma (Center), Karen (Organizer), Kathy(3 Pointer), Kathy(Rookie like me and Steph), and Susan (ALL STAR). We almost won and in my book that counted. I couldn't make a basket to save my life but I could run so that's what I did just chased the ball and threw it to my teammates so they could sink it;) I did get in trouble for double dribbing, go figure and hanging around the net for too long...I didn't know there was a limit, lol. Anyway I was worn out, sore and kinda sick today.

Instead of playing in today's game
, this afternoon Jim fired up their snow go and off we all snow goed into the tundra. Destination a-bau-luk, upriver. Jim, Steph and me, Three's Company.
I got to ride in the sled behind the snowgo. What a treat! Haven't done that since I was 7 or 8 up at Gram and Grampa's farm with all the cousins. I had the best seat for sure, like a lazy boy. Steph and Jim rigged up Marley and Bela's dog beds into a comfy seat. I snuggled into my Wiggies sleeping bag and we hit the trail. 50 miles along the Kanektok toward the mountains, 100 mile round trip. Beautiful day for it besides the chilly weather. The sun made up for the cold. We even got into TREES! Pretty good sized trees at that. Felt like I was in a parade, look at me, it's like I should be waving or something, lol. Anyway, spring break has been a good.

Shout Out To:
Amy Lou on the 16th! Happiest Birthday my wonderful friend:)

"God-traveled, these roads curve up the mountain, and at the last turn - Zion! God in full view!" Psalms 84:7


  1. I'm glad to see you have progressed from the time you went to the State Special Olympics Basketball Tournament!! I so enjoy following you on your blog and to see you following your dream and being such a good witness to everyone you come in contact with!! God has given you some amazing gifts and you are using them very well!! Blessings Always Kid!!!

  2. Joe,
    If I stay I was hoping to get a special olympics going up here. I think we would have enough kids to have a team. Wouldn't that be great! Maybe even cross country skiing etc. Anyway lol thank always for your encouragement. I can't explain how much is fills me. You bless me! Rachel