Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Anchorageward, HO!"

"You had me do a two hour turn around to Anchorage to pick up *bagels*? They were supposed to be medical supplies!"
- Maggie to Joel, Northern Exposure

Above: The only hill in Quinhagak
(I think a dump truck must have put it there on the beach.)

This is me giving you all a call checking in. This is Ani bored because I talk too much. You know... sometimes you just gotta go to town for something. So watch out Anchorage the villagers are coming. Jim, Steph, and I are (Lord willing with weather permitting) headed to the big city tomorrow night! We will be meeting up with Eric, Sherry and the kids and Dirk from Eek. Jim, Steph and I are staying with my dear friends Brandon and Angie and crew for a couple days. Friday I am getting my taxes done, yaw-whooo that means I don't have to take responsibility I'll leave it up to good ol' H & R after all. We hope to hit the slopes of Alyeska, sometime that afternoon/evening with my friend Mike (who worked with my brothers this summer). I can't wait cause I haven't snowboarded all winter and since the Olympics I've been kinda craving it. Maybe catch some bluegrass music Friday night in Gridwood. Saturday is the ceremonial start of the Iditarod so we'll be taking in the sights of downtown Anchorage, enjoying the Fur Rondy Festival, and sending off our favorite mushers in style! Then Sunday is the Tour of Anchorage, my Birkebeiner stand-in for this year. Eric, Dirk and I will be cross country skiing 40 beautiful kilometers of Anchorage (ahem, correction: Dirk chickened out and is only skiing 25, of course some might consider him all the wiser for it) . This is, of course, assuming that I can finish with the less than ideal ski jor-ish training I've been winging around here...hum wonder if they let dogs in the race???? Wonder if I can remember how to ski without one?? Has living in the tundra made me soft? Well this is where the wax meets the snow (thanks to Principal Eric), the trail will tell so to speak. Either way, I am looking forward to embracing my blissful ignorance and hopping in the race/tour no matter how ill-prepared I truly am (lol, I say that now). Honestly, that seems to be my motto, "Why train when you can just skip right to the race?" Though with an attitude like that nobody's winning any medals, lol. Luckily, I don't care I'm one of those who just want the proverbial t-shirt so I can make a quilt out of it someday. Speaking of, Auntie Jan sent up a Birkie Pride tee shirt that she made! I plan on sporting it in honor of Birkie '10 which I missed. We'll get some pics for yas:) Then Monday it's a wrap and we head back out to Quin.

"All sunshine and sovereign is God, generous in gifts and glory.
He doesn't scrimp with his traveling companions."
Psalm 84:11


  1. Have fun in the BIG CITY! Tell Brandon, Angie, & crew "hello from Texas!"

    BTW, when you are there, ask Brandon if he ever got the DVDs I sent! My dad had all these Super 8 films and I had them transferred to DVD this Christmas. I sent copies to all my cousins. Disk 1 are videos of Bob, Terri, Melvin, Debbie, Chad & Andy all living in Alaska. Included on the videos are Chad and Andy skiing Alyeska and the start of the Ididirod! :)

  2. Oh I have to see them! That is incredible. Bobbi you are so good at that kind of organization and implementation. I'll definitely ask him about it. What a hoot.