Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dancing in the Tundra

"Those who hear not the music think the dancers mad."
~Author Unknown

"Let's Go Dancing!" she exclaimed.
My friend Lisa called today to tell me all about the latest at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe school where I teach back in Wisconsin. She's a teacher there too. It is always so great to get to visit with friends back home. She also shared with me that she and her hubby had a super fun evening dancing the night away at a little place near our home there. What fun! I LOVE dancing, not gonna say I'm all that great at it but I love it! I took ball room dance lessons with a friend of mine many years ago and we even got all dressed up and went to a 'ball' complete with a live big band. It was a hoot! I don't get to spin around the dance floor all the often however so I appreciate those rare moments when I do. I was cheering for Lis and Kevin getting to dance the night away. So when we hung up Ani and I beebopped around the double wide to Willie Nelson's version of May the Circle Be Unbroken. Sometimes you should dance crazy even if it's all alone! I have to believe it is good for the soul:)

(In a singing sort of voice)
"I Haaaaaaate Paperworrrrrrrrrk...Laaa Daaa Deeee Laaa Daaa Daaaaaa..." This is the lamenting ballad coming from the classroom of any semi-sane special education teacher. Yes, this little ditty is my call to action or maybe freedom. I find it (my paperwork) more tolerable if I sing this truth out to myself and whoever is within earshot then do a little pirouette across the floor between present levels of performance and goals and objectives. It just sorta helps me gain some perspective. Maybe it's my self diagnosed ADHD kicking in but I can't stare at page after page of joyous job securing paperwork without dancing around a little maybe like a boxer does before he gets in the ring. LOL it's reminding me of those commercials that were out not too long ago advertising, I think maybe healthy lifestyle or exercising or something, but it showed a guy in a doctor's waiting room starting to dance then the mean looking nurse started to tap her pencil to the beat and suddenly all the patients are dancing around the waiting remember, yeah, it's like that.

Pastor Mark and Willie Nelson
I caught up on my home church back in Wisconsin today too via computer. Pastor Mark talked about loving God with all your heart and soul. Then to top it off Ani and I had our version of Praise and Worship with that Willie Nelson CD of hymns that my neighbors Larry and Barb sent me a few months back. What an uplifting combination! Maybe Willie will come to Hayward Wesleyan some day, who knows???;)

Days Like These
Sleepy Sundays, the snow was falling this morning. Sun peeking around the corners of clouds by early afternoon and by evening the clouds took back the sky and started sewing it to the ground so you couldn't tell where one quit and the other began. Ani and I just had a walk and now we are calling it a day. Gonna rest up for the new week. Hope you have a beautiful week too!

"...and a time to dance..." Ecclesiastes 3:4


  1. Hey Kid, I must say the last picture was I say, a picture is worth a thousand words!!! Happy Valentine's Day early!! Faith and I will be celebrating our 40th anniversary on Valentine's. It was either Valentines or Ground Hog Day and you can see what won out. I really love Ecclesiastes 3!! I used for a talk once. Hey have a very blessed day!!

  2. Joe, You know it! Happiest 40th Anniversary to you both! Wow! Congratulations! Go Dancing! Thanks for Valentine's wishes and I'm sending some right back at you! Give my best to Missour-a! Rach