Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farewell February

Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.
~Rod McKuen

An important prayer request everyone, my dear friend David Simon (Fannie's husband) has had a stoke. He was med-evacuated yesterday to Anchorage. We are praying for a miracle please join us. Quyana.

The after school crew!

Friday, Tony's Mom, my wonderful friend Jerilyn, created this star wars extravaganza birthday celebration in his classroom and invited me to join them. She had my name put on the cake with Tony's, we have the same birthday. And graciously he was willing to share. The cake was shipped in from Bethel, yum. Not just anyone can say they've had a STAR WARS birthday cake!

Later that evening
Jerilyn took over my kitchen and threw a feast
unbeknownst to me. What a precious surprise. A bunch of the girls: Jerilyn, Elizabeth, Tracey, Matilda and Steph, brought food and family. We ate, visited, played games, took a steam and ending the night watching a movie and painting nails (Thank you Amy Lou).

While we were all visiting the kids were literally climbing the walls (dresser) in the spare bedroom. Jerilyn's girls...future climbers of Denali, I believe.

Girls night!

P.S. Apparently winter isn't leaving without a fight. This weekend, -35 with the windchill.

Shout Out To: Everyone! Thank you for making my bday so special the calls, cards, texts, visits. I am so humbled and blessed.

"...I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you..."
Romans 1:8


  1. Happiest Birthday Greetings, Rachel! {Isn't Jerilyn the best gift!?}

    Cathy :)

  2. Cathy! She absolutely is!!!! She is the most amazing blessing to me here and to think God introduced us right way, how lucky am I. I think she was the first person who talked to me at church my first 24 hours here in Quin back in August. She is precious! She's like a sister. God is so good. And thanks for the birthday wishes. It really was so very happy. Hope all is well in Ohio!

  3. Rachel,
    Knowing that you had a great Birthday.
    May you always have something to wish for and always some wish comeing true.One of the greatest treasures life ever sends is the special feeling between the hearts of friends. Truely knowing you had a great Birthday and many more to come.