Saturday, February 20, 2010

Every Little Girl...A Princess

"Oh, well, what's a royal ball? I suppose it would be frightfully dull, and boring, and completely... completely wonderful."
- Cinderella
Converting the Village One Jorer at a Time
Thanks to Jim getting the school not only skis but ski joring harnesses too! JB and Landon became official 'ski jorers' this afternoon. Landon came over, bravely harnessed up to Ani, we three made a lap around the village. JB strolled in a little later bringing her very own dog who was a rookie too! This was good because Ani was tired. They all caught on quickly. JB even ski jored home. The catch? I have her tennis shoes so she will have to ski jore everywhere from now on or sport the ski boots, stylish yes, but maybe a bit uncomfortable for walking.
Calling All Dresses...Pretty Please
Hey here's a question for all ya'll out there. We are having a prom/graduation in May here in Quinhagak and we are looking for a few good dresses, shoes, accessories, suit coats, dress shirts, pants shoes you know, any lightly used prom/wedding attire you might be wanting to get rid of. Even though we all know, I could single handedly provide a gown for every girl in the village with my over-stalked collection of bridesmaid dresses, the problem lies in the fact that all the girls would then have to be the same size as me sooooo, we need all kinds of colors and sizes. If you do want to send some up to us remember shipping is kind of expensive but the post office has reasonably priced flat rate boxes you can buy and ship as much as you can stuff in them. That's the way I'd go if you can. We would appreciate it more than you know and your gowns will go on living in the hands of the little girls up here for many proms to come. Steph, her mom and their church have already been collecting for a while so I'm sure we have a good amount already but the more the merrier. Plus any that don't get used, rest assured the younger girls WILL play with until they disintegrate. Think about it and if you do want to help our cause send 'em on up to:
Quinhagak School
c/o Prom Dresses
General Delivery Quinhagak, AK
Thank you! Quyana:)

Correction: Okay the Birkie isn't until next weekend, my bad. It was an early good luck;)

Shout Out To: My bigger than me little cousin Stu-Ball Happy Birthday on the 23rd. And to my Auntie Shelly Happy Birthday on the 27th! Love you guys:)

"The princess comes into the palace in all her glory. Her gown has gold threads running through it." Psalm 45:13


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!!!! February 26th.....
    Let's see....I was twelve when you were born so that makes you _____. Okay, let's not go there. Love you big, giant hugs from Auntie Shelly.

  2. Yeah, I was planning on just skipping this year;) lol Thanks Alot Auntie Shelly:) Aging gracefully...not me, more like clutzfully (yes, it is now a word!)Oh Happy Day! Suppose I stole your glory back then that year when you were 12 the day after I entered the world, sorry bout that. Love you back! Yer Niece, Rachel Beth

  3. Greetings from Conrath. I have been really a naughty person - not checking your blog as often as I should. I will blame it on the Olympics. We have been watching most of it when home. We have had a small tease of warmer weather - 40 has been the highest, but then tomorrow it will be windy, and only around 20. We had snow showers today. It's not bad, but we are ready for spring. It is getting light out around 6:40 now in the am and the sun set today at 5:41, so you have more daylight at the end of the day. The kids are sure cute in their costumes. What fun! I hear that Eric's family will coming down here for a month or so. Maybe they will come to the library. Happy Birthday in a few days. We are going to make a quick trip to ILL to visit 4 of our grandkids. Have not see them since Christmas when the youngest was born.