Saturday, February 6, 2010

Game On!

"This is Chris-in-the-Morning with the weather and time--24 hours later than it was yesterday and cold." Northern Exposure

Sorta Like The Pros 'Flying In' At 40 Below Well, Friday was a turbulent day, the weather tried to shut down our tournament as schools are not allowed to fly if the temperature hits -35 and we were hovering near -40 at noon on Friday in Quin. Poor Tim was acting administrator in Principal Eric's absence and had to make the close call on weather cancellation issues. Based on district rules, in the interest of student safety he was forced to call off the tournament. This caused one plane to turn back 5 minutes out of Bethel. Fortunately, by 2ish the weather turned and we were at a balmy -20. Tim made the executive call to un-cancel the tourney and bring the teams in again. Game on. One by one and after a few dozen trips to the runway and back to haul teams we had a genuine basketball tournament in full swing. Total we had 5 teams. The whole village came out to cheer, when we all pack into our little gym not only do the bleachers fill up but the wall is lined even up to 2 people thick:) I had the joyous job of gate keeper. If you ever wanna join us the admission fee is $2 for children and students, $3 for adults. Elders, toddlers and ASB (school board) Members get in Free.

The Grand Opening of Larry's Dairy
This is Larry. He truly is a jack of all trades. Larry is a one of our stellar high school teachers here in Quin. Three of his own kids currently go to school here as well. Larry is also one of our pastors at the Moravian Church in Quinhagak. And more recently, like as of Friday night recently, Larry made his debut as Quinhagak's newest version of Dairy Queen, appropriately renamed "Larry's Dairy". As you can see, it was a total hit, eager ice cream enthusiasts were lined up down the hall and around the corner willing to wait up to 30 minutes for a chance to purchase the creamy, cold treat. All proceeds are put back into the student council fund, which bought the fancy ice cream making machine in the first place. Great idea Larry! Quyana!

Roller Coasters??

My friend Kathy (yep the runner) was telling me about her chaperoning last week's b-ball game to Kwig. While boarding the plane with 1/2 of the team, (it takes a few planes to get everyone from here to wherever they are headed) she asked the pilot (who happened to be the 'cute' pilot) if he would do the 'roller coaster'. Now most of you out there are fondly, or maybe not so, recalling those childhood memories of handing over your ticket, buckling in,then screaming and laughing. Maybe holding your arms in the air as you listened to the crickety, clack of the tracks, carts chugging up to the next elevation only to suddenly drop, zoom and turn to chug vertical again...Well, up here in the bush we don't have luxury of heading to the closest county fair so we have reinvented our pilots as 'carnies' and some seem to embrace this role all too much. Kathy reported that upon her request for a "roller coaster". The 'cute' pilot grinned at her, a twinkle in his eye, and within 5 minutes of being airborne all passengers had a very intentional 'ride' of their lives. As miscellaneous bags, boots and jackets were flying about the cabin of the Navajo, Kathy ducked and rethought her request. "That was the wildest 'rollercoaster' I've ever experienced." During a bush plane roller coaster (yes, my cc team did request this when we traveled, no I did not entertain the idea) the pilot climbs vertical into the air then dives toward the tundra, this repeats 2 or 3 times until all riders confirm that they left their stomachs back at the first dive. And you were thinking amusement park, pshaw;)

No New Taxes!!! Oh, dread but for H&R Block why don't they come set up shop here?? I guess it's forcing me to face my fears. I would like to proclaim that this year for the first time in my life I am going to attempt to do my own taxes. This scares me. Irrational though it may be, I kinda think taxes are right up there with BEARS. Looking at it that way it would seem only fitting that I must come to terms with both fears up here. Weird. So I'm going to use Turbo Tax, everyone tells me it's easy and not to worry. I'm working up the courage to attack the situation in the next few weeks.

Danny Snares a Rabbit
Dennis (his teacher for the class in which he is learning to trap) helps him clean and dry it. He wanted Marsha (Dennis' wife and also one of our stellar teachers) to cook it up as rabbit soup! He claims he'll make a blanket if I'll buy it. He's gonna have to snare about 50 more. I'm sure he probably could.

Quinhagak Goes Green

The howling north wind is getting lassoed up here. They're now harnessing the blustery gusts. We have 3 new inhabitants as of last week. Windmills. Just past the beach road but before the cell phone tower. Easy to see looking toward the Bering. I like to pretend they are trees:) Pictures to come, when I get out that way again.

Shout Out To:

Donna back home at LCO and Jerilyn up here at home in Quin "Happy Birthdays" on the 9th! Celebrating YOU!

"When you've stuffed yourself, you refuse dessert (even ice cream????); when you're starved, you could eat a horse (or at least maybe a rabbit?)." Proverbs 27:7

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