Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things That Make You Go...How?!

"How is seven degrees in Alaska colder than seven degrees anywhere else?"

- Dr. Joel Fleishmann, Northern Exposure

How Much More Winter?
This just in: A real shocker, brace yourself, the ground hog didn't even bother to roll over up here in Alaska.
Bare Minimum: 6 more weeks

How Much Fun Is This?!

So the girls stopped by after school today and managed to squish 5 of themselves into the closet in the spare bedroom which has coincidentally turned into 'their' bedroom.

How To Move to Alaska!
Come on up:)

How Alaska Got It's Name?
Take Your Pick
'Alaxsxaq' - Alutiiq word which means "the object toward which the sea throws itself"
'Alyeska' - an Aleut term which means "The Great Land"

How Did Alaska Get It's Flag?
The Alaska flag has a blue field with eight yellow stars. The seven smaller stars represent the Big Dipper; the large star represents the North Star, also called Polaris (representing Alaska's northern location).

How Come It's So Cold Again!?
Bundle up! North wind and blowing snow roamed back into the village day before yesterday while I was out on a run. The jaunt out was almost springlike but at our turn around point the headwind nearly bowled us over. I had to stop to inventory my poorly chosen running attire. What could I cover my face with??? I tugged the neck up over my head and pulled the ear band lower. It was almost scary how quickly that wind and cold air moved in.

How Do I Bake A Cake Without Eggs?
There have been no eggs at the store for some time now, and none expected to arrive anytime soon. Niki assures me, no worries, I can have some of her powdered eggs.

How Come Animosh Peed on My Carpet Tonight?

He has not had an accident for months. What is the deal?

How Exciting! Basketball Tourney
This weekend in Quin! Rumor has it 8 schools will be arriving tomorrow! This is big deal around these parts:)

"How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!" Proverbs 16:16


  1. that's gonna be a lot of games! wish i was there to cheer them on.

    God's been wonderful.


  2. Have fun at the Basketball Tourney! And why did Ani pee on the carpet? Maybe it was too cold to go outside. :)

    My question: How do you survive in the cold? Its been in the 40s and rainy for 5 days straight here... and I am FREEZING! Must be the cold with the humidity that has been frozen to the core.

    BTW, you were on facebook the other day... Your 9th grade Homecoming Royalty photo was in the FHS Newsletter fan page photo album! And then they also had one of your mom from her high school days!! :)

  3. Gwen! Yes, He's really something:)

    Bobbi Ann, no way how funny make a comment for me since I refuse to get facebook. what picture of my mom was it? Honestly the weather isn't much worse than I.Falls just a tad that a word? the picture of Chauncy is hanging on my fridge and the kids love it. Okay have a great weekend in Texas! Much love from Alaska!