Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Caribbean of the Kuskokwim

"If you never did you should.
These things are fun and fun is good." ~Dr. Seuss

Blue Fast Dashers Build Their Human Pyramid

Exciting Events in Quin
A few of the boys kicked the summer off with a camp out behind Debilt's house. Looked like great fun to me;)
Happy Belated 13th Birthday to Matt on Monday who got to have swan soup on his birthday after all.
He was a little worried Dad wouldn't come through but in a last ditch effort hunting trip at 9 pm the night before Matt's big day, the swan was in hand and soon to be in pot! I tried some at his birthday party, it was delicious. Thanks Tim and Diane! It was a pretty exciting birthday for Matt too, because his day was announced to the whole state on the nightly Channel 2 News thanks to Anchor Megan Baldino! Of course as luck would have it none of our satellites where pulling in Channel 2 with only 20 minutes until show time! The whole village was awaiting what Megan would say about us after her stay this weekend. We did find that Jim and Steph's satellite worked so about 20 of us crowded in to catch our 15 minutes of fame. The name of Quinhagak was thrown around left and right through the whole newscast, it was great! Also Quinhagak was officially put on the map!!! The weather map that is, at least for Monday! We chuckled knowing most of Alaska was wondering what is the deal with this 'Quinhagak' place???? At the end Megan again told Matt happy birthday, showed pics of prom and congratulated the graduates, Terrilyn and Clarissa and even managed to sneak in a wink for John Teddy at his request;) We were all pretty thrilled. Thanks Megan:)

Kiddie Prom Kiddies get their chance to dance Monday morning:)
That pretty much says it. The little ones get to have their go around out on the dance floor the Monday morning after prom while the decorations are still up. Here's a peek.

Wacky Olymics Frozen T-Shirt Contest All Teams for Themselves!
Tuesday Steph had the whole school building human pyramids, throwing marshmallows, shooting 3 pointers, and trying desperately to put on frozen t-shirts. What a hilariously fun time! Everyone laughed until their sides hurt. Thanks Steph.

The Annual End of the Year Beach Party! Hamburgers and Hot Dogs cooked over a campfire!

Waiting in line.

So at the end of every year the school hosts a picnic-cookout at the beach weather permitting. Today was no exception and to boot we were just in time to have front row seats to watch the tide roll in. I haven't see the water that close since last fall. It was great to see the kids kick off their shoes and socks, hike up their pants and dare to test the frigid Bering Sea waves. Some of the boys played football and practiced their wrestling moves while the girls walked around giggling and talking. The elementary kids built sand castles and tried to bury each other. Unfortunately that only ended up being each others feet since the ground is still frozen about an inch down;) Evelyn, our excellent cook, with the help of Principal Eric, Speech Path Kevin and Teacher Tim roasted enough hamburgers and hot dogs over 3 fires to feed the school. It really did remind me of the Caribbean just add a few layers of clothing, drop the temps in half and listen to four wheelers instead of reggae. Tah-Dah!

Watching the tide come in.

Quinhagak School Staff 2009-2010

Shout Out To: The Hooton's and Hosetter's! We are gonna miss you guys but best wishes on your new adventures. I'm so blessed to have gotten to know you and have you as my neighbors! Now I'm all alone on our side of the tracks.

"Now I'm returning to you. I'm saying these things in the world's hearing So my people can experience My joy completed in them." John 17:13

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  1. Thank you posting all the wonderful pictures! As you are finishing your work for awhile, we are gearing up for our time in Quinhagak! God is so good to all of us! Safe travels, special times with your grandma and family/friends...God's blessings upon you, Rachel!