Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We're Leavin On A Prop Plane...Maybe

"Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."
~Garrison Keillor

Well, my first year teaching in rural Alaska has come to an end. Ani hates his kennel and has probably chewed it to pieces as I type, he's 'practicing' being in it. Hey like my new paint job? I painted the house this weekend so we can return in August to a cozy remodeled-ish place. So after calling Quin home since August 1st, 2009, the day I thought I'd made a huge mistake (just one of the many times I've been wrong, I was homesick to say the least), to today as I shed tears handing over my keys, take a last look at my little neighborhood, and shut my door on this first year. We are headed south ...2 bags, 1kennel, a girl and her dog. Ironically or rather fittingly my little brother, Josh, is coming back up to Anchorage to work for the summer again like last summer when I started this blog. He is going to pick me up at the airport just like a bookend to last August when my brothers dropped me off that fateful morning (I had no idea what would be in store). Also my dear friend Geri has graciously agreed to fly up and keep me company on the drive home! She promised she would last year when I was leaving and it is already here! I can't wait to have a few fun days in Anchorage before we make the long trek 'south' to what many 'downstates' consider 'up north', lol, in that case it's all relative, it would seem. 3000 + miles worth of catching up on life, what a blessing! Gonna miss Quinhagak, Alaska and all my friends here. But Lord willing, we will meet again in August. Come on down to Wisconsin if you get the whim:) Before I get too choked up I should tell you all the facts...a great cloud of fog has settled on our little village this morning and it hasn't cleared yet no planes in or out at this will I be leaving on a prop plane????

Either Kevin (our speech path/chef extraordinaire/and today the hamburger flipping king) or Chuck here, is going to hate me but....I simply couldn't resist, the similarities between the two were uncanny, te, he, he, he.... Have a fun summer boys!

Shout Out To: My cousin Randi! Happy Birthday and to think I used to be jealous that you were 2 years older! LOL;)

"After saying good-by to each other, we went aboard the ship (plane), and they returned home."
Acts 21:6


  1. Have a safe trip! I'm working on getting my arrangements made to fly in to Kwethluk on July 30th with 2 teenagers, 6 bags, a dog and a cat! I'm sure I won't see you again until we meet up in Bethel. Have a terrific summer! I'm looking forward to working at the Winery and spending lots of time enjoying the Kenai with my girls - already have a trip to Seward scheduled... including a Kenai Fjords cruise, hike to Exit Glacier, and trip to the Alaska Sea Life Center. My love to Ani!

  2. the color looks good! did u just do the red, or did you do the yellow too?

  3. Waiting for you to come home! Head you will keep our commitment there this fall. You do what you feel you need to do Rachel. We love you and miss you. Maria, Andre'anna and Donna

  4. Hey Girls,

    Kathy you have an amazing summer! Soak it up I wish I was going to be here to hang out and check out your winery! Alas, we are about to hit the long road home. Wisconsin beckons. Gwennie! Yes yes I did do yellow in the kitchen and the bathroom I didn't take any pics though, shocker right? Yeah, but you'll see it next fall. It is super cute. Donna and girls, I can't wait to hug yas to pieces!!! So soon. Think we will leave Anchorage maybe tomorrow night or sometime Sunday. Having a blast with friends and Joshie! Love you girls, Rach