Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mas Nieve y Mas Nieve...

Snowflakes are kisses from heaven. ~Author Unknown
Fannie enjoying the May snow.

Then Jesus really loves us up here in Quin:) Ani woke me up this morning to go outside. Still asleep, I stumbled into my slippers, reached for his collar, unlocked the front door and luged down my front steps. Sitting at the bottom, confused and blinking in the stark white 3 inches of fresh snow covering everything, I dumbfoundedly asked, "Am I still sleeping?" Nope, just weather as usual.

Steph and I trudged through the snow to church this morning. Again, if only I spoke Yupik or at least understood it. The sermon would mean so much more. At any rate, stopped over at Fannie's after where she was cooking up 'greens' and white fish. Both springtime staples here. Greens are comparable to um, maybe taste wise sort of asparagus but in looks they could pass as green onions. They can only be picked in the spring on tundra lakes. To harvest them one must wear waders out into the icy waters, then using a long pole usually fashioned with a point at the tip, dig up the aquatic plant from the roots at the bottom of the lake. After collecting a sufficient amount, you merrily take them home, boil or fry them in butter or oil and enjoy. With boiled white fish it was delicious. "Rashelly" Fannie scolded as she reached over and popped the piece of fish skin I had peeled off and pushed to the side of my plate, into her mouth,"You leave out the healthy part, the skin has all the good oils in it. You are not eating the best part for you." "Okay, okay" I fold eying the fishy skin, "I'll try it", as usual it's not too bad. I still don't like the skin from the dried salmon though, Emma, bless her heart, is always trying to get me to join her in chewing on it but I just can't, too fishy tasting for me. Fannie's son and daugher in law just had a precious new baby girl, Davida, named after her Upi (Grampa). In the Yupik culture it is customary to name a child or even many children born around the time that is shortly after a person passes away, after that person. Davida has her Upi's name in Yupik and English. It is a beautiful custom.

Went running thanks to my friend Tanya back home inspiring me to get out there! Hopefully it lasts. Grandma's Marathon is in 6 weeks. I'm not ready but that's my motto, so what's new.

Addy enjoying the May snow!

Shout Out To: My dear friend Sherry up here in Quin and Ang in Anchorage! Happy Birthdays May 3rd Chicas! So thankful for your friendships! Enjoy your day!! Here's to Celebrating YOU!

"Have you ever traveled to where snow is made, seen the vault where hail is stockpiled..."
(I have a hunch it's in Quinhagak, Alaska)
Job 38:22


  1. Hi Rachel,

    Hmm, I don't think we have had snow since Feb. around here! Just think only 15 days left and you will be back here in the desert! Some how the rain always goes 20 miles around Hayward. I know everyone here misses you! My Dad would be lost without your "blog" to read. Don't worry on Earth Day my massage class rescued trees that would have been mowed down and planted them at my instructor's retreat in Trego.

    Look forward to seeing you. You might want to warn Ani that Matthew received a John Deere gator for his birthday and drives around at the condo's with it. He only ran into Max twice so far! lol However, Randy raced him with the golf cart. It was a close finish!
    Take Care,

  2. Lisa! Ani is in for a treat this summer. He's going to think he's entered the twilight zone, it will be full of firsts from the moment I put him in the kennel into the truck as we head for the runway on May 19th. I'll try to explain to him about the John Deere lol can't wait to see Matthew tearing around. I miss you guys so much! Thanks for saving the trees, I'm hugging the first one I lay eyes on! Okay my friend I shall see you in a few weeks!!!!!!!!! God Willing! Love, Rach