Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crane Soup!

"Only the pure of heart can make good soup"
~ Beethoven Fannie last fall headed upriver:)

I have pink eye. Conjunctivitis of the eye! I don't even want to know how I got it but I spent 1 and a half hours at the clinic today hoping to get eye drops. Now when I say clinic don't you go thinking doctors, nurses, and medical assistants. Nope we are blessed to have 'health aide workers' who I consider the marines of medicine. They are the few, the proud, the front line of village medical treatment. Triagers, if you will. I believe they are trained up to Level I EMT. I've got to hand it to them, they do good work with the limited resources they have out here. My health aide had to call in to the doc in Bethel to verify my symptoms etc.. and clear me for eye drops. Which I did receive around 5pm so I'm on the mend. I haven't had pink eye since grade school. Anyway, I took the day off so as to not spread the joy. Instead I stayed home and cleaned and started packing!!!!! 8 days!!! I miss my family!

Erin, Traci and I went for a run tonight. Erin ran 6 miles with me! She is well on her way to marathoning:)

This evening around 10 pm (broad daylight) Fannie called and ordered me to come over to pick up some 'crane soup' that she had made. "Rashelly you need to try this crane soup!" I jogged up the road to her house and bopped in. She met me with a hug in spite of my warning her that I was contagious, handed me an empty pan and spoon, directed me to the stove and insisted I dish up enough for me, Erin and Traci to sample. I peered down into the pot, the smell was mouthwatering. I was surprised however to see blue skinned crane legs in the pot too. I flashed back to childhood when we used to cut the feet/legs off partridges we'd gotten so we could pull the tendons and watch the foot open and close. Who knew we could have been eating that part all along. Anyway we each got to try a bowl. It was unanimous, Fannie's crane soup with 'greens' and potatoes is delicious! The crane shot by Tom (Fannie's son in law) was not like chicken per say...it was more chewy, darker, like a grouse/squid combination maybe.

"One person believes he may eat anything, while another person eats only vegetables."
Romans 14:2


  1. Hey Kid, When you get home e-mail me. I know you are so excited to get home, but just think what you have accomplished!!! You are AWESOME!! Blessings Always!!!

  2. I know that you are excited to get to Wisconsin. But, WOW look at all the seeds that you have planted up there, they are many. I can't wait to here how prom turns out.I know it will be awesome. you are such a blessing to all up there. God Bless