Saturday, May 15, 2010

Graduation/Prom "A Night To Remember"

The tradition of the toast hearkens back to 17th century England, when the health or success of a new venture was christened by a drink of wine with a piece of toast submerged in it. Over time, we've dispensed with the actual toasted bread, but the intent remains the same.

- Maurice toasts Shelly and Holling
Megan Baldino Speaking to the graduates.

Graduate Clarissa receives a scholarship.

Kindergartners Bob and Annie giving each other a pep talk.

Graduation and Prom 2010 went off without a hitch, thanks to Marsha and Steph organizing and executing the whole shebang. We had 2 graduates, one of which had written a letter back in December to Megan Baldino, (Alaska Famous Lead Anchor of #1 rated Channel 2 KTUU News), asking her to be the guest speaker.
(Above Megan with Graduate Terrilyn, R. Megan speaking to Tim Debilt's Journalism Class) Megan enthusiastically agreed and arrived 'in village' Friday morning. She spoke to the journalism classes, toured the school and village, visiting with kids and staff alike.
Everyone was pretty star struck and Megan handled our awe with the utmost grace.
(Above Boys doing hair, Girls doing hair) She even entertained us by fully participating in Prom complete with dressing to the nines (thanks to everyone in Nebraska and Wisconsin sending us all those dresses and suits, the kids looked stunning), hair do-ing, (which was a blast! Salon Rachel in the Resource Room opened for clients
from 3pm until 8 pm and I tell you what, I have a whole new respect for hairdressers on their feet all day) dancing, dining and toasting with sparkling apple cider ("To an awesome prom!" "To the graduates!" "To great salmon run!" " To winning our first basketball game in 14 years!" "To the Hootons who will be dearly missed!" " To Megan Baldino!" Einar chimed in!). (Styling chicas in their beautiful dresses, Group shots with Megan) We even had fruit trays and meat and cheese trays shipped in from Bethel. Eric had suggested Megan stay with me so as to get the full effect, honeybuckets and all. What a sport and super down to earth person! Everyone is hoping that she'll return soon and put Quinhagak on the map;). We all think KTUU should consider a Quinhagak based satellite;) Note: Watch the evening news Monday night she'll be sharing about her trip out here. (Like my 'village' prom look with the xtra tufs? I thought they added a certain flare.) We had waffles at Eric and Sherry's this morning then the whole herd of us (Eric, Sherry, Addy, Einar, Tim, Matt and me) loaded into the suburban and saw her off at the runway. We all had a pretty good laugh on the ride home wondering what in the world Megan was really thinking of this rag tag posse of renegade bush teachers and the wonderfully amazing community of Quinhagak that embraces us, we call 'home'. Quyana Megan! Come on back anytime:)(Prom King Lonnie and Megan dancing, Below Quinhagak Prom Pic 2010)

Matt saying Good Bye to Megan!

Upriver in search of 'kapuuk'

Kapuuk that's the Yupik word for 'greens'. I was invited to hope in a boat and head upriver with my friends John Teddy, Pauline Hunter and family. We left today around noon. Ice went out on the Kanektok last week so we cruised up 10 miles or so. It was rejuvenating to be back on the water after months and months and months lol, of winter.So anyway we parked to boats, trekked across the once again squishy, spongy tundra following John Teddy, to some lakes where we began digging up and picking 'Kapuuk'. We everyone has a garbage bag full we tromped back to the river had a picnic and zoomed home. The girls all stopped by for hot chocolate, I'm gonna miss them this summer. Rumor has it the fishermen will be coming back as early as next week (go figure) to get the guide services back up and running for the summer 2010 season.

Captain John Teddy and the Hunters following!

Shout Out To: All Graduates! Congratulations!

You turned my wailing into dancing;
you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,

that my heart may sing to you and not be silent.
O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever.

Psalm 30: 10-12

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